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Posted by walkersuspense on November 29, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Thank you for visitng my website, and my blog. I am extremely new to the publishing world, but not new to writing. I've been writing stories since I was able to write my name. It has always been my dream to have my stories published.

I put my tagline on my website as "Up and Coming Best Selling Author" because I believe if you put it out there that you are going to be among the best, then someday you can be! I know I'm not a best selling author today, but I'm going to work hard at becoming one.

I've had poems published during my school years, but I never let my writing go any further than a few notebooks I kept under my pillow.

I've since grown up since grade school, and I no longer write about bunny rabbits and school crushes. Now that I've been forced into becoming an adult, I've found that I wanted to be a private investigator. Wouldn't that be fun! I love solving mysteries, and I love thriller's! So recently I began writing my first short stories that have a little bit of everything in them that I currently love to read.

They are quick story lines that take you into the character and make your brain go on a wild roller coaster ride before coming to an end that hopefully you never saw coming. Somewhere on that ride, you get off the cart your in and shyly watch a romance scene that can be sweet, or naughty. Depending on the story. I even have one in the works that is not only a little dirty, but a little rough.

Hopefully you will follow me along on my journey to the day I publish a full length novel, and then many more after that!

I have my first novella coming in December, 2012.

Visit my Smashwords website where you can download my first two short stories for free to any reading device, laptop, computer or smartphone. Please leave me a review at Smashwords, or come back here and leave a review!


Thank you,

Hope Walker

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