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Leaving Reviews

Posted by walkersuspense on December 3, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Lately I've been reading some really great books! I love to go leave reviews and read what other's have left. I'm always shocked when I come across a review for a book where the reader gives low rating because they thought the book was overly graphic, had too much sex (which I don't think is ever possible, IMO), or just too much of whatever the book was supposed to be about.

I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you read the bio of the author, and then you read what the story is about and it specifically says it is a thriller, or it's an erotic novel, how are you disappointed when there is too much of a good thing? This was brought to my attention recently when I read a review on my most recent book I'm reading, The Nightlife: New York by Travis Luedke, (which is a free download right now on Amazon). His description actually states words like strippers, escorts, pimps, sex trade, erotic sexual adventures. Yet, a reader wrote that their was too much sex in the book. I didn't think there was that much, no more than a usual erotic novel. I have read many erotic novels and some have actually made me blush, which is hard to do when it comes to talking about sex.

That wasn't the first time I've read a review like that. Another one was from one of my favorite horror writers. A book I encourage everyone to read. Yes, it is deep, yes it has a graphic story line, but without it, it wouldn't get the message across the way it did. Rage, by Kimberly A Bettes. Readers wrote reviews stating that it was too graphic, that the story line took it too far and was in your face. Yeah it was! It needed to be. It was an important message that needed to be told truthfully.

If you don't like to read about sex, don't read erotic novels. If you don't like to read horror, then don't read them. Because guess what? Those things are going to be talked about in those books, and they are going to be graphic and in your face. That's what makes them exciting! I love them all! I think you will find if you stick with keeping up with my writing, there will be stories you won't like because it might have too much gore, but then you might like the next one because it will be filled with romance! I love it all, and I plan on writing it all!

I feel in order to be true to yourself as a writer, you can't hold back. Sure, it's going to be too much for some people, but for those who are true fans of whatever topic you may be writing about, they will love how much you push it over the edge.

So next time you leave a review, be sure you read the bio of the author, and that description so you know what you were getting yourself into. It's ok if it was more than you expected, as long as you state it in a way as such so you don't look clueless. And maybe give that writer another chance. They might be like me and write an aray of stories, and you may find you're beginning to want more of what you thought was too much.

Happy Reading!

Hope Walker

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