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When Josh decides to work on keeping his wife happy and his family together, he makes sacrifices like quitting his beloved trucking job and moving to his family owned cabin in the mountains. His wife Chrissy wants nothing more than for him to be home instead of on the road three weeks out of the month. She is willing to sacrifice her love of living in the city, for life in the mountains if it means keeping an eye on Josh, and keeping her family together.

Her trust in him is gone and she has threatened to leave him several times. Quitting his job, and moving to save money and his marriage, seems to be his best option until he comes home one night after helping out a strange neighbor, and his family has vanished, has split.

Josh scrambles to find out where they have gone, but uncovers much more than he bargained for.


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Ink Slinger

Anna has aspirations to one day become a writer. Her dream takes a step toward reality when she has the opportunity to edit a book for one of her new favorite authors. But she gets a slow start on it when she notices similarities in the book she's editing, and the suspicious events that begin plaguing her at home, including a strange neighbor that is meandering around, a lost little boy she finds, and a story that is making her think she's going crazy.

The only way to solve the mystery is for Anna to continue editing the story in hopes to find the key to unlock the nightmare unfolding around her.


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This is a novella.


When Sissy's abusive husband leaves her and their son, she is forced to go from a reclusive stay at home mom to a working career woman. Her life now consist of taking care of their ill son, dealing with her overbearing mother, and co-workers at the law firm she works at, who make it clear they don't want her there.

Sissy Hall is weak, broken, and starving for affection. She needs someone to take care of her.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when her estranged husband shows up after being away for two years, and is insisting on seeing their son.

Asking her boss, a lawyer in the firm for help could be her answer.

Will Sissy be strong, or fall into her co-dependent ways?


This is a short story.

Grace's Secret

An Amazon Top 100 Thriller


Grace is every man's dream, with her blonde curly hair, long legs, and her willingness to let them use her and toss her aside. She thrives on it.
Her life gets tangled when she falls in love for her first time with Trevor, a sexy friend from church who she has no right being with.
A day on the beach leads Grace to harbor a secret, but she soon finds out her secret is the least of her worries. Will her secret be exposed, or will she find another way?

This is a short story to introduce you briefly into a new series of novels I am writing called Keeping Secrets from the Donovan's. The first full length Novel in this series will be called Marcie's Secret. A new cover for Grace's Secret will be out to soon!

This is a short story, a prologue for Marcie's Secret.




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(Keeping Secrets from the Donovans, book #2)


Marcie has no idea what she is about to get in to when she moves across the state to take a new job. She meets a young man named, Brad, who just happens to live across the street. He's handsome, charming, and sweet. He instantly becomes her first friend in the new town.


He's no Sterling though. Sterling is a mixture of businessman meets cowboy. He's a strong personality, the type that takes charge and gets what he wants, and he wants Marcie. Falling for Sterling while befriending Brad is a typical triangle that usually ends disastrously.


Marcie soon finds herself in a situation of secrets, love, family, and more secrets.


Marcie's Secret is the 2nd book in the Keeping Secrets from the Donovan's series. The first book, Grace's Secret, is a short story, a prologue, to bring you into Marcie's Secret.


This is an Adult only novel. It has intense, descriptive sexual situations and violence.